Shane Eynon


I am a Licensed Psychologist with 23 years of experience providing psychotherapy and psychological evaluations. I received a Masters and Doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Temple University. After graduation, I entered active duty service with the Department of Defense as a psychologist, where I received additional training in neuropsychology and PTSD. I served in Afghanistan with the Marine Corps and started one of the first rapid evaluation centers for brain injuries. I then went on to create programs across the DoD for the treatment of PTSD and the neuropsychological effects of brain injury. I was then asked to create programs to stop the rise in suicides during the war. Near the end of active duty I re-specialized in the evaluation of children with developmental delays. After leaving active duty I worked for 3 years at the Center for Autism in Philadelphia and built a psychotherapy practice centered on helping veterans and first-responders. 

My particular expertise is in the psychological evaluation of adults and children with profound Autism, developmental delays, ADHD, and diagnostic evaluations for medical providers (e.g., differential diagnosis, psychological clearance for medical procedures, pain). I am a former Military Officer, Veteran, supervisor, and consultant.  In my practice, I also provide long-term Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (Jungian) for a variety of concerns.