Katie Palombo


I like to look at people holistically when working together. Because our emotions and thoughts are not just felt, but also stored in the body, I believe that our physical states must be included in the therapeutic work that we do. I believe that it is important to meet people where they currently are at and then move along the therapeutic process together at a comfortable pace.

I enjoy working with children, adolescents and adults with  trauma, anxiety, depression, life stressors and chronic pain/illness. I love uncovering and exploring with people the past events or beliefs that lead to their present day experiences. From there, we can together begin to understand your emotional and physical reactions and how to heal. This allows people to move forward in a more regulated and adaptive manner. I have worked with trauma survivors, specifically sexual and physical assault and other serious victimizations, for 10 years, and I love walking with people through that healing journey. I am certified in EMDR, which has changed not only the way that I practice, but also my whole conception of a person. EMDR can be used with trauma, anxiety, depression and chronic pain. I am also certified in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral therapy (TF-CBT) which helps children who have experienced a traumatic event., and I specialize in working virtually. I have found that virtual therapy allows me to meet you where you are most comfortable, and I have also found it makes therapy easier and more convenient to access for people with busy lives or living with chronic pain. I look forward to meeting you and hearing how I can assist you on your healing journey!