Group therapy generally consists of six to twelve people meeting with a trained therapist to talk about issues that they may be struggling with. Group therapy provides an environment where you can learn from others, and give and receive feedback. By interacting with other members, you become exposed to a variety of different perspectives and learn new ways to address your problems. This gives you an opportunity to try new ways of behaving and learn more about how you interact socially. Most importantly, you will learn that you are not alone in your struggles.

It is common to feel uncertain about participating in group therapy. You might feel anxious about joining and might have difficulty imagining talking to a group of strangers. Trust and confidentiality are the two most common concerns people have about joining a group. Confidentiality is requested and expected from group members to create a safe and positive environment for growth. As the group evolves you will likely develop a sense of trust in the other members, however, how much and how quickly you talk about yourself depends upon your own comfort level.